Adoption Information


We rescue Siberian Huskies if they do not get adopted from shelters.
Therefore we are always in need of foster homes.
We like to have knowledgeable of the Siberian Husky breed owners and fosters.
If you’ve never owned a husky, please read our “INFORMATION” page.


 Due to the vetting prices we have to raise  our adoption fee to $225.00   ANY puppies under 6 months are $250.00+.  Senior Siberians   $125.00.


The dogs are  spay/neutered and up on all shots. 


* Homechecks are done so we know where our dogs are going.
Why?   –  will answer “why”.

Our rescue never wants the siberians we rescue to end up in a shelter again.
Part of our contract reads that if for any reason you cannot keep the dog,
that it comes back into our rescue.

Our dogs are spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, on heartworm preventive, have had their shots,
and anything that we know of medically needed is taken care of before adoption.
Our application will ask for references and we will do a homecheck*  before adoption, to be sure of the safety of our rescued Siberian. However, not every applicant will get a homecheck done if we feel the dog will not be adopted to them.  We look for a home where our dogs will be happy; then you will be happy. Multiple applications on one dog can mean unhappy applicants.

 Siberian Husky Assist reserves the right to deny any application for any reason, and we are not obligated to provide a reason.  We try to find the best match for the dogs in our rescue.  If your not happy with us, there are plenty in shelters we cannot rescue and on death row.

As we foster and find out about the dogs, which helps us to know if a particular dog will work with your family, we do become attached.  How can you not?
We are here to find the right forever home for the husky in our rescue.
We work for the dogs!

We will not adopt Siberian Huskies to homes that would let them roam free, or use invisible fence collars, or have chickens.  If you’ve never owned a Siberian click on and read Husky Education in the gray box on left.