Blue Ridge Dryland Challenge

2010  is Sunday -JANUARY 17TH 

Damascus Virginia

ON The Virginia Creeper Trail.

RACE DAY WAS suppose to rain; 90% chance. BUT it was cloudy then sunny; the rain held off till after race.   The trail was VERY muddy, with a few spots of snow, tiny patches of ice. 


2.2 miles

1 DOG TEAM                                    Time

1ST Place          Will Henry               10.46

2nd Place          Jenny Akers             17.29



1ST Place          Rich Gasser              12.46

2nd Place          Will Henry               13.29

3rd Place          Mark Brewer            14.52

4th Place          Sam Akers                18.26

5th Place          Wesley Tinsley         19.05   *8 year old*

6th Place          Brett Brock              19.10

4.8 miles


1ST Place         Jeff Blewett            31.35

2nd Place         Jim Kaser                  35.31

3rd Place         Jennifer Levy            35.39



1ST Place         Elyssa Strong            22.43

2nd Place         Rodney Whaley          40.44



Junior Musher   1/2 mile

1st Place           Alex Levy                3.15

2nd Place          Jordan Blewett        3.42

3rd Place          Ella Levy                 3.54

4th Place          Jacob Blewett          4.47


TThis years race will again be a Trophy Race. 

All mushers will recieve their choice of

Precise Pet Food  “Endurance” or “Foundation”

40 pound bag, and a chance to win

a nice prize by door prize drawing.

We have added an 8 dog 7 mile race this year.





 Race Classes

1 dog – 2.2 miles   11:45  start time ++.

2 dog – 2.2 miles   12:00  start time.

    Damascus Park to Iron Horse Campground

4 dog – 4.8 miles       9:30  start time

6 dog – 4.8 miles      10:15  start time.

    Straight Branch to Damascus park

8 dog – 7 miles         11:00  start time. 

    Straight Branch to Iron Horse

++ These are expected start times, provided we have all classes.

If we do not have enough for a class, the next time class will move up to the next earliest time.


* Teams will leave 3- 4 minutes apart.

There must be at least 2 entries per race to receive trophy.




and the

Greater Washington Siberian Husky Club


The Continental Kennel Club who also has a




The dogs must  PULL  the sled, scooter or bike (chain disengaged).

 We do not have canicross.


All mushers  and their dogs should be ready to run at the start time.

Mushers should be there  no later than 1/2 hour early.


 $15.00 entry fee per race.

   $12.00 for members of the Blue Ridge Dryland Sled Dog Club





Awards will be given out at Iron Horse Campground.

Lunch will be available afterwards at Iron Horse Campground.

**  ALL dogs must be current on shots.

Make checks payable to:

Siberian Husky Assist

106 Bristol View Drive

Bristol VA 24201

** mark check for which race(s) and

Include race entry below:

—————-   CUT   HERE   —————–



Jan. 17, 2010 Blue Ridge Dryland Challenge Race.

Name _______________________  Phone ____________

Address ______________________________________

email; ________________________________________


Check which race(s) you want to enter:

1 dog  ____               6 dog ______

2 dog ____               8 dog ______

4 dog ____


I understand that my signature below releases Siberian Husky Assist Rescue, its volunteers and the Mt Rogers National Forest and Town of Damascus, and/or Washington County Virginia from any responsiblity or liabilty in connection with damages and/or injuries to myself and/or my dog(s) attributed to or as a result of or in association with my participation in the Blue Ridge Dryland Challenge at the Town of Damascus on January 17, 2010.

Also that I have full responsibility for the actions of my dog(s); and they are current on rabies and parvo distemper shots.



Signature (parent must sign for junior musher)


 Mail Waiver with check.

————–  CUT  HERE  ————–





 Iditarod Musher Bill Borden will be our Guest Speaker.


Bill’s presenation and live auction

LOCATION:  QUINCY’S ON Laurel  Ave.  in town

Anyone wanting to be in the re-enactment of the 1925 Alaska Serum Run on the

Virginia Creeper Trail is more than welcome.

Click on the Alaska Serum run Re-enactment page to the left.



++ Hotels++


Days Inn (exit 19) $45.00 plus tx   276-628-7131

Pet fridnely – extra $5.00  indoor dogs

 Super 8 motel  (exit 17) $47.99  – Abingdon 276-676-3329

* Pet Friendly – extra charge



Alpine Motel, 882 E. Main St. Abingdon (exit 19) 276-628-3178

                                                    * pet friendly depending on size  


                                        CAMPING/ RV:

*Iron Horse Campground – also has a few very small fishing cabins,

(2 small beds, a lamp and heater )- separate shower/bathroom facilities next to restaurant), plus RV sites. Phone 276-475-6008

     276-494-3153 Email:

RULES1. These rule will be in effect for the Blue Ridge Dryland Sled Dog Challenge,

January 17, 2010, Damascus, VA.

. The races will begin at 10:00 a.m. with the driver’s meeting at 9:30 a.m.

2. Trail Distances:


Race Classes Trail Distance


1-2 Dog Bikejor/Scooter 2.2 Miles

Junior Rig 2.2 Miles

4 Dog Rig 4.8Miles

6 Dog Rig 4.8 Miles

The race will be held at the Gateway Trail of the Murfreesboro Greenway System. The trail begins and ends with a ¼ mile chute. Otherwise it is a large loop. There should be no head-on passing required to negotiate the race trail.


3. Temperature Cut-Off (Safety and Comfort of the Dogs primary)

a. If the race site temperatures reach +50 F or the humidity is too high, the Race Marshall shall

cancel the race or suspend the race for the day. There is no temperature cut off for too cold.

b. If the race site temperature is between +45F and +50F or if the humidity is too high, the Race Marshal shall consider running shorter trails for the safety and comfort of the dogs.

4. Driver’s Meeting, Drivers, and Rig Inspection

a. Instructions and maps will be provided to those drivers in person later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the race at the driver’s meeting. This will include a complete trail map, with hazards indicated. A drawing for starting positions will be held at the driver’s meeting. Any musher who is late for the meeting and misses the drawing will start last in his/her event.

b. The driver starting a team shall be the same driver throughout the race. A change in drivers may only be made before the start of a race and must be by the race marshal.

c. The race officials will inspect all Rigs for proper equipment immediately following the driver’s meeting.

5. Aggressive Dogs

a. Dogs showing repeated aggression towards dogs on other teams or people will be disqualified from the event at the discretion of the Race Marshal

b. No Bitches in heat will be allowed to race.

6. Multiple dog use.

A dog may be used in more than one race. For example, a dog used in a 2-dog scooter team may later run in a six-dog rig team or junior team.

7. Equipment

a. Safety Equipment

1) HELMETS –It is recommended that all Rig, Cart, Scooter, and Bike class participants wear helmets. Bicycle, motorcycle, ski or equine style helmets are all acceptable. We encourage this but it is NOT mandatory.


2) SAFETY GLASSES – It is recommended all Rig, Bike and Scooter participants wear safety glasses or eye coverings. We encourage this but it is NOT mandatory.

b. Rigs

1) Rig Inspection will be held after the Drivers Meetings. All Rigs must

be inspected. (Does not apply to Scooters and Bicycles). The official holding the Drivers Meeting or his assignee will do the inspection.

Criteria are:

  1. Functioning Brakes
  2. Tires properly inflated
  3. Generally Sound condition

2) Multiple Heats will be allowed so that racers can share Rigs if necessary. If sharing is due to an unusable Rig, it is the responsibility of the Musher to find an approved Rig and make arrangements with race officials to be placed in the appropriate race.

c. Bicycles and Scooters

1) Bicycles and scooters do not have to be inspected. However they need to be in good and safe working condition. The Race Marshal or his assignee reserves the right to disqualify unsafe bicycles and scooters. If equipment is in question it shall be the responsibility of the Musher to check with the Race Marshal prior to the race.

2) Bicycles with the chain disengaged may be used in the scooter class.

8. Dropped or Injured Dogs

a. Dogs may be dropped, without penalty, with event staff that will be properly identified. But NO dogs may be added or substituted after the musher’s run begins.

b. If a driver has to drop a dog for any reason, the driver must move his team ENTIRELY off the race trail.

c. In the rig class if the driver has a dog bag or a safe way to transport a “bagged” dog and can safely load the dog, they may do so and continue on in the race with no penalty.

d. If a driver finishes a heat with an injured dog (that is, not in the dog bag – the driver has run an injured dog) the driver will be disqualified from all classes entered.  

9. Starting Time

The tentative starting times for the one-dog scooter race is 10:00 a.m. with subsequent categories beginning fifteen minutes after the previous category finishes.

10. Time Interval Between Starts

The order of start for each race will be established by a drawing held at the driver’s meeting. Interval time between competitors for all classes will be three minutes.

11. Medical Assistance

The name and location of medical assistance for both humans and dogs will be available at the sign-up table.

12. Passing Rules

a. These rules DO NOT APPLY TO Canicross Classes.

b. The PASSING MUSHER has the right-of-way when the lead dog(s) come within 30 feet of the overtaken team. The PASSING MUSHER must yell “TRAIL” to signal the overtaken team of his/her desire to pass.

c. The OVERTAKEN TEAM shall steer to one side, slow their team down or if requested, stop their team.

d. The OVERTAKEN TEAM shall not re-pass for two minutes or one-half mile, unless agreed by both mushers.

e. TEAMS FOLLOWING each other shall maintain a distance of not less than one team length, except in the last quarter mile of the race.

f. No Musher shall INTERFERE with a competing team.

13. Musher’s Responsibilities

a. Rabies certificates must be available for inspection by the Race Marshal if requested. You may also email the rabies certificates before the race.

b. The Musher is responsible for cleaning up their stake-out area. No debris OF ANY KIND is to be left at the race site.

c. The musher must report to the start line with equipment capable of cleaning up dog feces on while on the trail. The race marshal will inspect all rigs before allowing the team to start.

d. If a dog drops feces on the trail, the musher must stop his/her team and immediately remove it from the trail. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

e. The Musher must fill out all entry and report forms legibly so the statistician will be able to record names and results accurately.

f. All equipment should be in sound and functional condition. The line judge or Race Marshal can stop a musher from racing if they feel that the musher’s equipment is unsafe, unsound or nonfunctional.

14. Loose Dogs

Loose dogs are NOT allowed at the race site (on or off the trail) it is the Mushers responsibility to have their dogs secure and on line at all times.

15. Whips.

Whips of any kind are disallowed. Any musher using a whip will be disqualified from the race and banned from any future races for life.

16. Age of Mushers allowed to Race.

a. Mushers 17 years old and under must have a parent or guardians signed permission to participate in any dryland race.

b. Junior Class – $6 entry fee

c. Adults races – $15 per event ($12 for Blue Ridge Dryland Sled Dog Club members)


7.. The Race Marshal is the FINAL AUTHORITY AT THE RACE. The Mushers must comply with all rulings and decisions made by the Race Marshal.