Sponsorship Information


If you would like to Sponsor one of our Siberian Husky rescues, please contact us.  Your sponsorship will provide food and medical for those dogs who may or may not be adoptable due to a neglect or abuse situation and will be in our fostercare till the end.

Hi, my name is Delta! In February, I had a cancerous tumor removed from the salivary gland on my face. Since the doctor cannot be sure the cancer will not come back, I have to have periodic medical exams. I now live as a sanctuary dog with the rescue. If you would like to help, please visit my sponsorship page. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Woo-woo!

 When a RESCUED SIBERIAN becomes a sanctuary dog, any other dogs in shelters that could have gone to this foster family home cannot be pulled for years as long as this dog lives.  This cuts back on the number of dogs a year that foster could have rescued. Therefore we are in great need of more fosters.
Pika Rainbow

We are also looking for sponsors/donations for our
 Siberian Husky Sanctuary
The donations would help with
building construction and fencing.

 You can click on the donation button to help us to save more Siberian Huskies. 
Thank you.