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We hope to educate the public on the Siberian Husky breed as we find knowledgeable of the breed forever homes for our Siberian Husky shelter rescues.

Message From: ad August 26, 2015
olecam husky

Message From: Stephanie October 25, 2014
I'm a dog-lover,and I also like to take pictures of them too.All of you wonderful Husky people have been gracious in letting me photograph the dogs at your events.God Bless You All!

Message From: katarina finney April 4, 2014
Copper is a great dog we love him so much he love my female husky that get along great

Message From: MARY January 24, 2014
mary hi' marsha are you vicky's sister.

Message From: David August 6, 2013
I own a husky and i found your website surfing on the internet. very good information. I would love to help but I live to far from you. In Atlanta Georgia. But if I can help you some how let me know

Message From: Clara July 24, 2013
We adopted our beautiful Siberian "Steele" from this rescue in October of 2011. Our boy was 8 weeks old. He has been a wonderful addition to our family :). We have a "high energy" Border Collie and the two have become best buddies. As long as you do not mind brushing them every day, do not hesitate to give one of these wonderful dogs a great home! We hope to adopt more in the future :)

Message From: matt&heidi schroeder July 8, 2013
Love this site keep up the great work you and the team is doing!:-)

Message From: Kayla May 3, 2013
I emailed the rescue specifying my needs and showing interest in one of the huskies available. The email I received back was from a woman named Marcia, who informed me that the choice I chose was probably not the dog for my family, and while I can understand that, she did NOT show any interest in assisting me with maybe selecting a different husky from her rescue, or giving me any further information. I was dismissed and she sent me along to "pet finders". She was not interested in having me potentially adopt any of the huskies, she simply told me no and sent me on. I fully appreciate what they are trying to do with these huskies, but if she can dismiss my attempt to rescue a dog with one email, I'm not sure there is much hope. She seemed to be more concerned with the distance I would be driving than actually getting to know me for the benefit of the dog. I do hope Tinker goes to a good home, but these people have to give you a chance.

Message From: Kris February 4, 2013
Thank you for the great work you do. Becoming a member has helped me participate even though I am unable to foster any dogs. Keep up the good work.

Message From: Brenda Coley September 3, 2012
it great to see these dogs getting the help they need