Our cherished volunteers have helped us grow from Tri-Cities to co
ver Siberians in shelters from Roanoke VA to Knoxville TN.

         Our volunteers have helped us be able to do educational fundraisers at schools and scouts with the dogs.  Sell merchandise and fundraise at events.

We are always looking for good events to set up a booth to fundraise selling merchandise.  

We are also in need of fosters, however, to be a responsible rescue we need to make sure we don't take in more than we can afford to care for. We pay for everything you need to care for our rescued Siberian Husky .   If you buy food or treats, we will reimburse you. We pay for all vetting, and monthly preventives for the foster dog.

The dogs just keep coming and we need the funds to make things happen for them.  Due to the large region we cover we need to fundraise in those other counties we cover.  In 2013-14 we are expanding our efforts to find more volunteers inside our region from Roanoke Virginia to Knoxville Tennessee.  COULD THIS BE YOU?  We also need knowledgeable of the breed volunteers to do homechecks and temperament test the Siberian Huskies in your shelters.

If you want a layback siberian, we need fosters for SENIOR dogs too.